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January 13, 2007



Can you please clarify this step:

Use the stick to press the paper onto the wax as well as to lift the paper off the pan when finished

I don't understand. When you make circles with the crayons (step 1), are they done on the foil covered skillet or on the paper?

How do you use the stick to press the paper onto the wax and to life the paper off the pan? I mean, how does the stick adhere to the paper? I would imagine it to be difficult to do without using a kitchen tongs or something similar!

please email me the response to kittym6564@yahoo.com

Jazak Allah khair and keep up the beautiful work! You are incredibly talented and artistic, mashAllah.

amber noreen

I found this idea at the craftzine.com blog & I loved this idea! I used to make some valentine cards:



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