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August 21, 2007



asa sister. JAK for sharing these beautiful pictures. everything is so beautful, masha Allah. insha Allah, event and the centre will be successful.

Sister Diane

What a lovely place! Thank you for sharing photos. I agree with Hina - it's like a Jane Austen novel. Hope you're having a wonderful time!


Ohmygosh, too lovely! I would feel like a Jane Austen character walking around here with a basket of flowers dangling from my arm (that's how I envision myself; the reality is far from the imagination, ha ha). Just looking at these photographs fills me with peace... Have fun and come home safe, insha'Allah!

Sidra Mushtaq

Salams Khadija! It's me Sidra... I managed to find your blog :)
Hope you are well and lovely pics! Missing you guys... hope you all are enjoying your stay at Court Coleman.
See you in London on Sunday Insha'Allah!
Much love

Sidra :)
x x x

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