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December 19, 2007



Do you have an idea of what size you would like the blankets to be? And are their any themes that should be avoided when choosing fabric? (ie images of babies or children?) This sounds like a wonderful project! Best of luck!

gene + experiments

I do have a premie star afghan available but I'm not sure if it will reach you on time if I'm going to send it on Wednesday, I'll be shipping from the Philippines. Regardless of that, I'll ship it anyway and please feel free to donate it to other charity if it won't reach you on time for the trip to Africa. Thanks!


I'll be mailing a blanket to you on Monday. Here's what it looks like:



As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

Masha'Allah what a wonderful project. May Allah give you success and reward you for your good intentions.

Insha'Allah I shall try and get something in, and pass on the word.

Wa'alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

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