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March 17, 2008



Assalamualaikum Khadija,

I love the flower arrangements! What kinds of orchids did you use in the first two? My mother loves orchids and grows them herself.

Salams and keep up the beautiful work.

Umm Layth

as salamu 'alaykum

Beautiful masha'Allah!

I also want to thank you for recommending the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to me on my site. I've read it and loved it! May Allah increase you in khair in both this dunya and the aakhirah. Ameen


I took a picture of the stage: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a6/Aadhil/Mawlid/Stage.jpg

Umm Salihah

Mash'Allah beautiful as always.
I would never have thought to put orange and pink with burgundy that way - reminds me of the time between summer and autumn.

Suzane D.

As-salamu alaikum sister Khadija,
Beautiful display mashaAllah! I feel like I can smell the flowers!

Su and Mikael

Salam Aunty Khadija, we posted more photos here: http://islamcrunch.com/archives/photos-from-mawlid-aqidah-events/

And there are links to photo albums and we included a photo of your beautiful designs.

Thank you for easing our hearts.

With love,
Su and Mikael

Sister Diane

These are absolutely beautiful! I so love pinks and oranges together.

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